Sustainable film

5 Films That Will Inspire You to Be More Conscious

It’s that time of the year: holiday cheer, new year resolutions... and of course, “netflix & chill”. We picked 5 outstanding eco and socially conscious movies to add to your Netflix list and watch to start the new year with a more conscious outlook. From fast fashion to farming to animal rights and more, these movies explore sustainability from angles that affect our everyday lives and highlight how impactful our choices are.

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6 Eco-Friendly Fabrics We’ve Fallen in Love With

As anyone who has even half-heartedly Googled “sustainable fashion” can tell you, making sense of the “eco-friendly” label is especially confusing when it comes to clothing, often producing more questions than answers: Should I be wearing vegan sandals this summer? Should all my t-shirts be organic? Do I need to donate all my yoga pants? Can I have a glass of wine now?

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Girl in denim shirt faubourg

What You Should Know About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability might be the buzziest word of 2017, at least in the fashion world. It seems not a day goes by without someone speaking about sustainable fashion or taking a sustainable initiative. But what exactly is sustainable fashion? This week, we look into what it entails as well as what the definition and criteria for sustainable fashion actually are.

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true cost of fast fashion

3 Ugly Truths About Fast Fashion

Our closets tend to be filled with mass-produced, fast fashion items that we reach for on any occasion.  Having moved away from the 4-seasons-a-year fashion cycle to churn out up to 20 collections a year, high street brands such as relentlessly feed our appetite for newness. And the temptation is arguably hard to resist. But these clothes often come at a much higher cost than what you’ll see on the price tag. 

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