October: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Life & Style

Our monthly inspiration letter is here with insights and tips to inspire you to live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

Hello, October! It’s officially sweater weather, ginger and spice, and the early signs of, ahem, cuffing season (you know, the time when finding a snuggle buddy becomes a priority for some). Really, we’re all just trying to keep warm with whatever nature gives us. 

In this month’s letter, we’ll show you how you can unleash the secret powers of some common spices, not only to keep your inner flame burning but also to inspire your style. From boosting your immune system, mood, or libido to helping you sleep, be ready to enhance your wellness and look great while you’re at it. This October, living consciously means getting spicy.

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sustainable womenswear

September: Change that Feels Good

Introducing our monthly inspiration letter with a selection of what’s new and relevant with insights and tips to inspire you to live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

As hard as it may be to let the summer go, September eases us into fall and back into routine. Maybe our care-free summer attitude shifts to something more serious as we refocus on work and what we want to see in our career. Or perhaps we jump back into health and wellness habits that got lost in beach lounging and aperol spritz (like yours truly). From style to beauty to coffee, whatever “change” means to you this fall, we hope we can help you embrace it and feel good about it.

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What to do in Tulum

Travel: How I Made My Tulum Experience Authentic

Touted as one of the hottest beach destinations for the conscious traveler, people are now wondering: where is the next Tulum? Originally on the map as an eco-friendly haven of spirituality and sustainability, this one-time Mexican fishing village quickly went from under-the-radar to “secret’s out”, courtesy of a never ending list of fashion blogs and travel sites.  The Mexican beach town may have suffered from its popularity, but is it really time to skip it altogether?

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Maryam ego aguirre wildlife photography

Five Minutes with Artist Maryam Ego-Aguirre

We first met artist Maryam Ego Aguirre last summer and knew immediately she was the kind of woman who embodied the FAUBOURG spirit: creative, confident, and conscious. The only child of an Iranian mother and an Iraqi father, Maryam’s life and art have been shaped by her desire to see the world. Today she travels the globe as a photographer in search of the landscapes that inspire her, often photographing animals like lions and elephants in the wild (no big deal).

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Before You Buy: Ask Yourself These 4 Questions To Avoid Fashion Waste

We know: basics are a safe bet. They're functional, work with everything and don't go out of style. But they can also be... too basic. In contrast, fashion-forward clothing is exciting and can give us that love-at-first-sight feeling. But it can also be difficult to tell which garment you're going to love for years to come, and which you'll leave in your closet after a wear or two.  It happens to the best of us. (It has certainly happened to me—looking at you, neon jeans from 2013).

So how do you buy more advanced pieces that have the everlasting qualities of basics? We’re sharing the shopping rules we live by—the ones that (usually) save us from mistakes and from adding to landfills.

Read on for the 4 most important questions to ask yourself to make sure you're making the best addition to your closet, both from a financial and environmental standpoint.

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Priscilla Debar Ajaie Alaie

Chakra Dressing with Priscilla Debar

Our Founder is conscious brand Ajaie Alaie's muse of the month! Priscilla sat down with Daniella Samper, the designer and creative director of the Brooklyn-based brand, to chat about consciousness, motherhood (introducing her daughter Olympia!) and entrepreneurship. This interview and short film is part of Ajaie Alaie's #chakradressing project showcasing conscious women using daily activities, such as cooking, reading, dancing, lip singing, singing, painting, to undress their mind from anything and everything and stay grounded. Priscilla shares her steps into creating a work-life balance while walking us through her energy flow, meditative state, and energy cleanse. 

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FAUBOURG Voices: Yomi Abiola

FAUBOURG is proud to introduce a new video series featuring strong and inspiring women. Women we love because of their commitment to doing good, to living consciously and to bettering the lives of those around them.

In the first installment of FAUBOURG Voices, meet Yomi Abiola. The former model and journalist is now a media entrepreneur who devotes her energy and wisdom to helping women stand fully in their power. 

Full interview below.

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5 Women of Color Changing the Way We See the World

Though I grew up without a biological mother, there was never a shortage of supportive women around me. They were aunties, cousins, grandmothers, and overall caregivers who were exceptionally strong. They had entrepreneurial spirits, ran their own businesses, set high standards and provided for their families and communities. That same foundation has impacted my relationships with the women I consider my closest friends and the women that I look up to.  I’ve noticed that while they may come from different backgrounds and cultures, the women in my life all share an ability to see beyond themselves and work for positive change.

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Cassi Gibson paintings

MEET: Painter Cassi Namoda

Cassi Namoda is the epitome of the modern creative woman. Independent, intuitive, an avid traveler and learner, she’s a woman of the world and an artist. Born in Maputo, Mozambique, the artist grew up “all around Africa” and went on to live in more countries than I can list here.  After several years in New York (where we met while she was working in fashion and as a curator) and West Africa, the multi-talented nomad has settled in Los Angeles where she's dedicated to her art. Cassi’s paintings explore life through the eyes of everyday women and men in Africa.

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5 Ways to Love Yourself Every Day

As a multicultural woman in my mid 30s, I’m always curious to see how love is celebrated across cultures. I've seen Valentine’s Day celebrated in similar ways in the various places I’ve lived or visited. In Europe, North America, Latin America, West Africa or the Carribeans, it usually involves a lot of pink or red, going out on a romantic date and exchanging material gifts with a love interest (and if all goes well, showing off that uber-sexy-yet-uncomfortable-as-hell lingerie and ending the night between satin sheets). That can be beautiful and cheers to all the couples slated for a memorable evening! (Rose emoji)  But from a more conscious perspective, there are a few problems with the way we celebrate love, come February 14.

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yogawear sustainable

Vyayama: Yogic Values, Style & Performance

Yoga apparel line Vyayama was born from a desire to make clothing that reflects the yogic values of thoughtfulness and respect for all things. From the ultimate black legging (read on to find out what makes it so different) to a delicate cashmere sweater to wear outside the yoga studio, Vyayama’s collections are minimal and versatile, and push the envelop of ecofriendliness. I caught up with founder Rachel Bauer and her creative team to talk about the yoga wear brand's origins, design inspiration, and the challenges surrounding making sustainability sexy.   

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Sustainable film

5 Films That Will Inspire You to Be More Conscious

It’s that time of the year: holiday cheer, new year resolutions... and of course, “netflix & chill”. We picked 5 outstanding eco and socially conscious movies to add to your Netflix list and watch to start the new year with a more conscious outlook. From fast fashion to farming to animal rights and more, these movies explore sustainability from angles that affect our everyday lives and highlight how impactful our choices are.

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Conscious Gifts by and for Badass Women

From the Women’s March to the #metoo campaign to Time's Person of the Year, 2017 has been a reminder that women are more determined than ever to be heard and seen—no matter the obstacles. In that spirit, we've decided to shed the light on some profiles we admire. We've picked a handful of our favorite gifts created by women who are speaking up and standing out. From books to beauty products to the very best suitcase in the world, each item on our list is created by a badass woman we love, perfect for one you love.

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margaux lonnberg oswald

4 Ways to Wear Wool Beyond the Sweater

We're huge fans of wool as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to synthetics. Nothing's cozier than a chunky sweater when temps start dropping. But there’s so much more to wool than the ski lodge. A new wave of designers is reconsidering the possibilities of this beloved cold-weather fabric and changing the way we think about wool.  

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Mengly Hernandez

MEET: Mengly Hernandez of LINEA Germania

A chance silk screening class led stylist, textile artist, and designer Mengly Hernandez to begin creating scarves for friends and family. The word spread quickly about Hernandez’s gorgeous handmade pieces and she launched her line LINEA Germania in response. We sat down with the artist/designer to talk about the ethics that drive her brand, her recent trip to Nepal and how it all began with a lucky encounter in New York.

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Cienne NewYork designer Sustainable brand

MEET: Nicole Heim of New York Label Cienne

“I always had a desire to understand the business side of fashion,” says Cienne founder and creative director Nicole Heim. A designer trained at L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design and N.Y.C.’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Heim worked in corporate design at global retailer Victoria’s Secret for years before finding herself creatively unsatisfied and frustrated with the waste involved in corporate fashion. 

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MEET: Carla Robertson, designer of eyewear brand Carla Colour

Carla Robertson, who is near-sighted, has always struggled to find glasses, dreaming of someday designing her own. When she became pregnant with twins, she realized it was now or never. “I harnessed my second trimester hormones and made it happen!” she says. Her twins are now two years old, and her quirky-cool sunglass line has become something of a cult favorite. Here, she talks to FAUBOURG about slow fashion, color hunting, and finding inspiration in faded socks.

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6 Eco-Friendly Fabrics We’ve Fallen in Love With

As anyone who has even half-heartedly Googled “sustainable fashion” can tell you, making sense of the “eco-friendly” label is especially confusing when it comes to clothing, often producing more questions than answers: Should I be wearing vegan sandals this summer? Should all my t-shirts be organic? Do I need to donate all my yoga pants? Can I have a glass of wine now?

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Girl in denim shirt faubourg

What You Should Know About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability might be the buzziest word of 2017, at least in the fashion world. It seems not a day goes by without someone speaking about sustainable fashion or taking a sustainable initiative. But what exactly is sustainable fashion? This week, we look into what it entails as well as what the definition and criteria for sustainable fashion actually are.

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Esssential White Tshirt

The Future of Fashion Is Sustainable at MoMA

The Met typically calls dibs on the big fashion exhibition each year, but this fall MoMA is giving the uptown museum a red-carpet-worthy run for its money. Items: Is Fashion Modern?, a rare clothing-themed exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, will examine some of fashion’s most iconic pieces and ask pressing questions about the intersection of fashion, culture, and innovation.

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true cost of fast fashion

3 Ugly Truths About Fast Fashion

Our closets tend to be filled with mass-produced, fast fashion items that we reach for on any occasion.  Having moved away from the 4-seasons-a-year fashion cycle to churn out up to 20 collections a year, high street brands such as relentlessly feed our appetite for newness. And the temptation is arguably hard to resist. But these clothes often come at a much higher cost than what you’ll see on the price tag. 

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