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Chakra Dressing with Priscilla Debar

Our Founder is conscious brand Ajaie Alaie's muse of the month! Priscilla sat down with Daniella Samper, the designer and creative director of the Brooklyn-based brand, to chat about consciousness, motherhood (introducing her daughter Olympia!) and entrepreneurship. This interview and short film is part of Ajaie Alaie's #chakradressing project showcasing conscious women using daily activities, such as cooking, reading, dancing, lip singing, singing, painting, to undress their mind from anything and everything and stay grounded. Priscilla shares her steps into creating a work-life balance while walking us through her energy flow, meditative state, and energy cleanse. 

How did you transition into the mindful lifestyle that became FAUBOURG's mission? 

It definitely didn’t happen overnight. After living in New York City for almost a decade, I felt exhausted. I had to take a step back and slow down. At that point in my life, I moved to Mexico. I went into a completely blank slate—a new country, a new culture, and a new everything. I looked back at what mattered to me the most and what I wanted out of life.

Wow, I had such a similar experience when I took my trip to Mexico. Sometimes, you just need that break from the familiar. So how do you teach your daughter this way of living on a daily basis?

I want to think that children are the best human beings and then we get conditioned or miseducated into wasting and over consuming, so I actually find it relatively easy! I don’t have to correct that much because she’s marveling at everything. She’ll pick up a stick on the street and it’ll be her favorite toy for the next couple of weeks. I teach her to respect what surrounds her because she’s learning. When you’re learning, you’re not throwing away, you’re actually taking in. Once you appreciate the beauty in things, it’s kind of intuitive for you. But, she is only two-years-old, I take responsibility for all sustainable or conscious acts. As a parent, you have to accept that you can’t monopolize what influences them from the outside world. What you can control is what values you’re sharing with your child and what should be important to her. And what’s important in our household is sharing, respecting, and being careful to yourself, to other people, and things, such as objects and food.

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