Conscious Gifts by and for Badass Women

From the Women’s March to the #metoo campaign to Time's Person of the Year, 2017 has been a reminder that women are more determined than ever to be heard and seen—no matter the obstacles. In that spirit, we've decided to shed the light on some profiles we admire. We've picked a handful of our favorite gifts created by women who are speaking up and standing out. From books to beauty products to the very best suitcase in the world, each item on our list is created by a badass woman we love, perfect for one you love.

The Away Carry-On, $225. Available in 12 colors.

For the Restless Traveler

Steph Korey and Jen Rubio launched the travel brand Away  when both were just 27—but, as they would be happy to tell you, age ain’t nothing but a number. Despite their youth, the friends (who met on their first day at Warby Parker) have changed the travel game with their affordable, unbreakable and eminently functional suitcases (we won’t board a plane without ours). Rubio’s advice for other women who want to beat the odds? “Take opportunities—even if you feel you’re not quite ready—and know how to articulate your value. You can accomplish anything through passion and hard work; it just takes a little confidence."


Carla Colour Lind Sunglasses, $194.

For The Cool Multitasker

If you think starting your own business is hard, try doing it while pregnant with twins! Carla Robertson, founder and designer of the Carla Colour eyewear brand, says she always dreamed of designing her own line of glasses, and when she became pregnant she knew it was now or never: “I harnessed my second trimester hormones and made it happen!” Her fun, quirky line of sunglasses embodies her infectious joie de vivre.


Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang, $18.

For the Resilient Immigrant

Jenny Zhang’s Sour Heart is raw, vulnerable, tender, and profane. Eight coming-of-age short stories told mostly from the perspective of Chinese-American girls, the collection is about the immigrant experience, and it is also not. Says Zhang, “When I was writing stories about Chinese American characters in my fiction classes I’d get comments like, ‘You should consider writing more universal stories.’ But anything can happen to a Chinese American girl—just as much of the canon of English literature involves white men or women. So it was a little test to myself, wanting to show that every type of story is possible with these characters.”


Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, $48.

For the One Who Doesn't Take No for an Answer (but says Yes! to selfcare)

When wellness entrepreneur Karen Behnke wanted to start her third company, Juice Beauty, no one would give her a loan. So she got creative. “I opened 17 credit cards, with $2,500 line of credit on each one, and paid them all off simultaneously throughout the month," she says. These days, her California-based organic skincare line is a clean-beauty favorite, winning major accolades from the industry and customers alike (including Gwyneth Paltrow).  The Green Apple Peel is a cult favorite; we’re also devoted to their chemical-free sport sunscreen.

Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, $15.

For the Feminist Mom

This slim volume by Nigerian-born writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie feels right on time for this year’s conversation about what it means to be female. Conceived as a letter to a friend looking for advice on how to raise a feminist daughter, the book is a response structured in fifteen “suggestions,” including “teach her to love books” and “never speak of marriage as an achievement.”

Unapology The Visionary Lipstic, $23.

For the Unapologetic Go-Getter

Who needs a power tie when you have a power lip? Created by two Googlers, Unapology is a clean-beauty brand that leans all the way in. “We believe that women say ‘sorry’ way too often to downplay assertiveness, to seem more likable, to ease people into our opinions and intelligence, or to minimize our accomplishments. That stops here, with us,” say founders Ariane Dupont and Summer Prevé. “Dressing your lips means confidently asserting your voice, style, beauty and personality to the world.” They also commit 10% of revenue to small business grants for women entrepreneurs—#sorrynotsorry.



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