Before You Buy: Ask Yourself These 4 Questions To Avoid Fashion Waste

We know: basics are a safe bet. They're functional, work with everything and don't go out of style. But they can also be... too basic. In contrast, fashion-forward clothing is exciting and can give us that love-at-first-sight feeling. But it can also be difficult to tell which garment you're going to love for years to come, and which you'll leave in your closet after a wear or two.  It happens to the best of us. (It has certainly happened to me—looking at you, neon jeans from 2013).

So how do you buy more advanced pieces that have the everlasting qualities of basics? We’re sharing the shopping rules we live by—the ones that (usually) save us from mistakes and from adding to landfills.

Read on for the 4 most important questions to ask yourself to make sure you're making the best addition to your closet, both from a financial and environmental standpoint.

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